Elevate your expectations

Since 1937, The Queens has been the centrepiece of Leeds.  With a proudly independent spirit and exceptional service, we ensure that every guest experience remains as special as the day we first opened our doors. Our rebrand marks a new chapter for the hotel and a welcome breath of fresh air in Leeds City Square. Get ready to reach new heights of luxury and comfort at The Queens. Up, up, and away…

The Queens has landed

We’re proud of our new look, and we want to shout about it from the rooftops - more specifically, from above the rooftops. We’re celebrating our brand relaunch in style as The Queens descends from the skies suspended by thousands of balloons, making its grand re-entrance.

With the help of a little movie magic, of course… 

Rising responsibly

Have you spotted the gentlemen in pastel suits handing out balloons in Leeds city centre?

Just like The Queens, the balloons used in our rebrand campaign are sustainable. They are made from natural latex, which is organic and fully biodegradable. All colours are derived from water-based pigments (not dyes) and are non-toxic. 

Balloons can be responsibly disposed of by adding them to a compost heap, where they will biodegrade within a few months, or by adding them to general waste, where they will also break down safely over time. 

You can read more about our sustainable practices here.